As much as we love to travel, we probably can’t cover ever corner of this amazing globe all  by ourselves – unfortunately. So if you are one of those artsy exploitative types, please join us in discovering and sharing the less exposed art wonders of the world.

A number of ways to join

The easy way: use #traveligartsy when you post on social media to let us know that we can repost your shots of art in our gallery

The startup way: Send us photos of art from your neighborhood or nuggets you stumble upon along the way. And try to include some form of text that can pass as a blogpost, or at least some basic information about the art. A little information about yourself would also be appreciated.  Once we post it on the website we will make sure to give you all the credit.

The committed way: Just as committed to travel and art as a gateway to new adventures as we are? Let us know. Guest bloggers who like to explore art, do a decent job writing and know how to take a photo are welcome here.