London’s Own Graffiti Tunnel

Located on Leake Street, the London Graffiti Tunnel or Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel showcases a wide variety of graffiti from various artists around the world. The tunnel passes underneath Waterloo Station in London and is a unique find in the large city. The tunnel became a display for various graffiti work beginning in 2008. This was when Banksy hosted and exhibition called the Cans Festival. While graffiti is illegal in London, Banksy was granted this space for the exhibition and invited graffiti artists from around the world to mark the walls of the Leake Street tunnel.

Today, the tunnel is adorned with a multitude of breathtaking works and as you walk through the tunnel, you are immersed in modern art. There’s definitely a lot to look at. You will find yourself searching through the sea of graffiti to analyze the different pieces. If you ever travel to London, the Leake Street tunnel should make it on your list of sights to see! This location is definitely one of a kind for unique graffiti art.

About the Author: Sally Johnson is a Junior Marketing and Supply Chain Management Double Major. She is from Indianapolis, Indiana and studied abroad in London in the Spring of 2018. During her study abroad is where she found the Leake Street Tunnel and loved it!

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