Pittsburgh’s Own Dream

About the piece

Found in the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a little outdoor exhibit known as Randyland. The artist’s name is Randy Gilson. This exhibit is actually his home, but he opens his backyard for any visitor walking in off the street. It is becoming increasingly more popular, but chances are, you have to hear about it to know it exists. The word-of-mouth strategy is clearly put to good use. It is unique in the sense that there is not one focalpoint but whatever speaks to you. It is a place you must see in person to capture the full beauty.

Why is Randyland special

I could explain what some other features are but when I visited myself over the summer, this piece in the above picture really spoke to me. It is something I could have walked past and not noticed but this caught my eye. Gilson is a very vibrant man and that is very evident in his work. As you look around, all you see is color. Everywhere. With this “dream” piece, it is almost like a little pick-me-up. A nice reminder for everyone who sees it. It allows us to remember to dream but also provides a sense of serenity with the sand and fake lobsters surrounding it. These features give a beachy vibe, along with the bold chairs. It seems many people find peace when at the beach and of the like when we dream, we are at peace. These two make an excellent connection.

Another interesting thought about this piece is the subtle imperfection, which makes it perfect. The material used for the “dream” sign appears a little dirty, nor are the letters perfectly aligned. The A could even be an upside-down V which adds an extra bit of interest. From a personal standpoint, I think it looks better than the normal A we always see. It provides more intrigue. Even the chairs are not perfectly aligned. They are not even all the same type or color.

A deeper look into Randyland

The two chairs are the same but painted differently, yet they look cohesive. Two other chairs are painted the same yellow color but are not the same type of chair. Lastly, the pillow that sits on the yellow chair at the end matches the chair on the other end but has a bold pattern. There is quite a uniqueness in that these things do not necessarily match but work together anyways. When looking at this piece, I automatically feel happy simply because of the message and colors Randy used. I am certain that was part of his goal. I recommend going to visit Randyland for yourself and you may even get to meet Randy himself. He is very eccentric, so he is sure to put a smile on your face.

About the Author : Caitlyn McQuaide took this above photo and is a Junior Marketing major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A fun fact about Caitlyn McQuaide is she is the youngest of five kids in her family!

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